Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Stop and Think

Stop and Think.

I know, I know. Last seen way last year. My only defense is that they have me so well medicated that I've lost a lot of my old Zing. They've got me in a "unit" with nearly normal patients. Very boring. On the good side, I've got a room I can lock from the inside and I can go outside (as far as the fence allows) and frolic in the garden. I like to frolic. It's still very hard to refrain from doing the things I like most. These nearly normal patients aren't interested in flinging food or tormenting the staff. Sucks. Any time I catch myself longing to get naked and hang from a ceiling fan I just stop, and think.

As you all know, this was, and still is, completely alien to my nature. There just isn't enough chaos to entertain me and so little I can do about it. So I've decided to make a passive political statement. I'm going to stop and think. Regularly and to excess. If somebody asks me why I'm just sitting silently, I'll tell them I decided to stop and think. Simple. If they want to know what I'm thinking about I'll tell them how much I fucking HATE the normalcy of my existence and I blame it on all the greasy, blood sucking leaches living on the taxpayers money while achieving NOTHING in WASHINGTON D.C.!!!

It may not be much, but at least somebody might notice that I'm actually, legitimately annoyed, while still passing as marginally normal. (Tee hee!)

Now, YOU, my faithful readers, have much more freedom to stop and think in a way that might actually produce something resembling a positive impact. You have MONEY.

If you're mad about something, and who isn't, now's your chance to strike back at those who are pissing you off. Get on your chosen social media sites and make a declaration. You could say, for instance, 

"I've decided to stop and think. While I stop and think I will withdraw from the commercial marketplace. I will take my house off the grid and make no purchases to benefit a corporation that STOLE MY GOVERNMENT!"  

Why tilt at windmills? Because if about 75 million people take the same action, it will be noticed. Social media impacts the mainstream and more people may follow suit. Organize silent sit-ins; wear (home made) T-shirts marked "Stop and Think". It doesn't even matter why you're pissed off. If enough people deprive corporate America, however you can, whenever you choose, those little pennies from heaven will a) stay in your pocket and b) not go into THEIRS. Reduce your gasoline usage ruthlessly. If you can, ride your bike. Delayed sales = delayed profits. Purchase only from local business that sell local products. And make sure everybody you can reach knows that you're making a statement.

Go ahead and laugh at silly old Nanabanana. You probably already do all those things anyway, right? And it's all been done before, right? It's the DECLARATION that counts. 

Sociological events are crack for pollsters. While exploring all the opposing reasons that people stop and think for, they'll be running in circles. It will inspire a little "uh-oh" if nothing else. Maybe some BIG "uh-ohs", especially if the "cause" goes international. If you decide to stop and think, somebody might ask you why, and how to get your vote. That's when you get to tell them. Nicely, politely, like normal people, of course. Make them squirm.

I have to go now. I'm going to paint my Stop and Think T-shirt, and then I'll just stop and think. If enough of us stop and think it will be, if nothing else, a WONDERFUL stunt. This is one of those rare times that I'm actually serious. It's not just the medications. Give Stop and Think a little thought. Let the good times roll.