Sunday, April 7, 2013

Naughty Kim Jong-un!

  Free at last!  Got myself in trouble~again.  This time I wasn't delusional, I was just rooting for Feeney's delusion.  So was everybody else who wasn't catatonic.  Who could resist it?  Fenney was having delusional sex with Nancy Pelosi and she was apparently having a wonderful time, if you can trust Fenney's powers of deduction.  He kept shouting things like, "Ride my Cruise Missile, you wrinkled little elitist liberal!" and, "Bang that gavel you hot Speaker Momma!"  Feeney's attracted to powerful women, so we didn't tell him she lost her job.       

  I really should try harder to behave myself.  I'm always blamed for the floor show and tossed in the mop closet.  What with the 'shut up' meds Dr. Idiot pumped into me and the lack of a clock or a window, it took me awhile to get oriented when they let me out.  So I went to check the date on the computer but Rita had it already.  She was playing a video game where the Dalai Lahma mows down zombies with a Breacher.  Stupid game.  Everybody knows you don't need a Breacher to kill zombies.    

  Anyway, I had to threaten to pee on her pillow to get Rita off the keyboard.  She couldn't  decide if she wouldn't like that so she left to get Fenney's opinion.  I hopped on the internet, went straight to the news, and the first thing I saw was THIS: 

N.Korea Threatens to Nuke Texas,
Rick Perry's Massive Ego Takes Credit
By T. Steelman for Addicting Info   
Perry smash puny North Korea! (OK, he didn't really say that.)
There comes a point when it is clear that a person has just lost it. In Rick Perry's case, I think his ego is 
reaching critical mass, which could lead to God knows what kind of explosion. Yes, he has lost it. I know...
did he ever have it? Well, that is a debate for another day. Today we are getting a view of Perry's ego that is
truly astounding.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  I saw this and thought it was an April Fool's joke!  I checked the date and the source and had Angus check too, just in case I was delusional.  I didn't know just how offended I should be!  That naughty Kim Jong-un!  The sweet little boy who was schooled in Switzerland and loved basket ball has rejected all the western virtues, like Democracy, that he was so liberally exposed to?  How can this be?  How could he have become so intoxicated by his recent aquisition of power that he would threaten the US?  He's certainly aware that his sabre rattling is laughable in view of North Korea's poor missile launch record.  He can't have forgotten that the US could make North Korea go away if so inclined.  No doubt he's already estranged from Michael Jordan.  No Jordan fan photos for you, Mister Too Big For His Britches!  

  At the core of my annoyance with the little stinker is disdain for his lack of destructive art expertise.  I just know if he ever blows off a missile he'll muck it up and kill people.  If he can even keep them out of the water, that is.  He's obviously an amateur and would do better to just hang out with all those goose stepping buddies of his.  Somebody give him a box of sparklers and a Big Gulp.

  As for Governor Perry, well, this must be dick measuring at it's finest.  It's no trick for Perry to turn a looming disaster into a compliment.  (Or visa versa.)  He had plenty of practice while campaigning.  However, I have to wonder whether having Texas targeted by the overgrown adolescent that's running North Korea is the font of joy to Texans that it is to Perry.  Remember the Cuban Missile Crisis?  Texans will start building bomb shelters if they didn't already do that back in '62I keep envisioning this Waco style picture; Texans armed to the teeth, ready and more than willing to engage the enemy.  If they engage Hing Lu when he delivers food from Wonton Junction, well, Oops!  When I think about it, a huge threat is probably meat and drink to many Texans.  They can alert all the well ordered militias that have nothing much to do and get Wayne La Pierre to be the general!  

  Gosh!  I feel almost sane now!  I admit I'm resentful when it comes to crazy people who aren't in here with me.  Just who do they think they are?  They get to be crazy right in public?  And hold public office?  And build missiles?  Something is wrong.  There needs to be an intervention.  We need a lot more maximum security psychiatric facilities just to handle the politicians and gun toting paranoids.  Both groups are ripe for violent psychosis.  As for our little potentate in North Korea, Michael Jordan's disapproval just might be enough to straighten him out. 

  Don't know WHAT to do about these guys!