Sunday, November 25, 2012

Destructive Art

I'm very disappointed with the state of the world today.  It seems like people are always killing each other. Even whole countries set out to kill other countries.  If this keeps up there won't be anybody left to admire the artistic effects of bombs on buildings!  Except maybe Belgians.  People in Belgium don't blow things up and show little appreciation for destructive art.  Very boring bunch, Belgians.

(Updated postscript)  Dr. Idiot said it's not nice to pick on Belgians just because they don't like destructive art.   He said it's discriminatory. So I'm going to apologize now to all the Belgians who cried and stomped their feet after reading my comments.  Actually, there may be many Belgians who enjoy destructive art.  I just don't know any and you rarely hear much about Belgians anyway.  Doubtless there are many people in many countries who don't engage in bombing the daylights out of their own or other people's countries, killing each other in the process.  It's just that bombing makes great news so you hear a lot about it.  I think that's why so many people do it.  I've always wanted to be one of them, without the killing part, of course.  All I've ever blown up are empty, deserted houses and barns.  Barns really go boom in a great way but Fox only reports on bombing in countries it likes more than America.  One time I blew up a barn with a cow in it.  I didn't know she was in there until she landed and started driving a tractor. Oh wait, that wasn't a cow, it was Dick Cheney
 The other night I had one of my dreams that seem SO real.   I was in some country where people were doing destructive art with great zeal.  I was crying and saying, "Please! Stop with the bombing!  It's MY turn!"  I woke up and started crying because I saw them on TV and they were STILL bombing to a fare thee well.  Dr. Idiot increased my meds.   I wish these bombers would cut it out.  There won't be anything left for me to destroy if this keeps up.  That silly looking Hannity guy on Fox said they do it because of borders, race, religion and stuff like that.  What's the point?  Even a psychotic like me knows those are pretty dumb reasons to blow things up.   How can they call themselves artists?  Well, maybe they don't call themselves artists.  I certainly wouldn't call them artists!   Anyway, what difference does it make?  Folks in the Mid East are pretty much the same race.  Borders are just lines in the dirt and religions are all the same which ever they are.  Except for the Mormons.  They're the only ones that turn dead people into zombies and make them wear that special Mormon underwear.