Sunday, November 25, 2012

Turkey Justice

Today we watched a story on the TV about the President giving a stay of execution to a turkey for Thanksgiving.    I'm surprised that Dr. Idiot let us watch it because a lot of people started jumping around and screaming and laughing. They usually don't get that excited unless they're watching the Kardashians. What a dumb idea! The turkey thing I mean.  Well, also the Kardashians.  How do they pick the turkey that gets to live?   Do they just go 'eenie, meanie, miney mo'?   Do they give a number to each turkey and pick a number out of a hat?  Also, what about the turkeys left behind?  Think how disappointed they must be, until they're dead.   So the turkey that gets to live goes back to where ever he came from and all his friends are dead!  That's not nice!   The President should show he believes in turkey equality and just blow them all up at the same time!  He's got those stealth bombers so it should be easy.  Seriously.  Where's the justice here?  Of course, if he blew them all up it would be hard to collect all the pieces for a Thanksgiving dinner.  The cats, dogs and other critters would have a great feast though.  The feathers flying everywhere would be very pretty even if they're sort of bloody.  I would never blow up turkeys even for Thanksgiving.  There's plenty of baloney and mashed potatoes to eat.  Besides that, turkeys make very good companions if you don't mind how much they talk.  They tend to sound like the Kardashians.